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Ludomaniac for English-Language Visitors...

Since 1996 fans of strategy gaming have been gathering on Ludomaniac to play the classic of the genre: DIPLOMACY. Currently, far more than 500 active players – newbies and fungamers as well as powergamers and professionals – are meeting in over 150 games, starting new ones every day. Together we form the largest German-language Diplomacy community.

You'll find in this section:

- What is Diplomacy? – A brief introduction, plus a detailed explanation of the game.
- What's happing on Ludomaniac? – A quick survey of the website and the community.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with players from all over the world. Contact us: rat@ludomaniac.de

Diplomacy: Diplomacy is based on strategy, tactics and negotiation. Each player acts as leader of one of 7 Great Powers in a 1900 Europe scenario, struggling with his neighbours for the domination of the continent. Originally designed as a board game, Diplomacy includes a lot of communication and secret negotiations among the players, which makes it a perfect play-by-email game. At regular intervals – mostly once a week – the players send their orders to a versed and neutral game master (GM) who adjudicates them and updates the scores and the map on a homepage. Now, if you don’t have a clue what diplomacy is and would like to know more about it and about how exactly it works, just have a look at this (link).

Ludomaniac: Ludomaniac is a community open to all friends of Diplomacy. We offer beginner's games for newbies as well as high-level games and variants for advanced players. Ludomaniac hosts the “Deutsche Meisterschaft” (DM) – the German Diplomacy Championships – and the “Deutsche Diplomacy Liga” (DDL) – the first e-mail dip league. We offer not only a platform for organizers of personal face-to-face events (FTF) and tournaments, but also several boards for discussions revolving around Diplomacy – questions, strategy, technical issues, fun stuff and more. Our chat makes it easy to get in touch with other players. Our service area includes links and downloads, support for beginners and GMs, and the email addresses of all those players you might want to get in touch with. All results and information on players and games can be found in the diplo42.de database. We are associated with the German Diplomatic Pouch (the first and only German-language diplomacy magazine), the DDB (the German Diplomacy Association), and several national and international dippy communities. While you can learn and play professional Diplomacy on Ludomaniac, one of our principles still is: it’s just a game. It’s all about having a little fun after a hard day of work, getting in touch with nice people and playing a fantastic strategy game. By the way, it’s all for free.

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